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These combs made of semi-precious gemstones are a treasured magical gift in my life.   While these combs can be used for the hair, I have had profoundly powerful experiences with these gorgeous tools in clearing and balancing the chakras for myself and others.   I now offer them here to you for enhancing your own spiritual transformation.  I look forward to hearing about your experiences with these magnificent gemstone combs!

The Snow Quartz Comb

Snow Quartz Gemcomb

Geology: Snow Quartz is the opaque version of quartz. Its tiny inclusions containing carbon dioxide and water create its milky appearance.

Energetics: The Snow Quartz Comb is related to the energetic realm above the Crown Chakra. It is connected to the Higher Self, the Soul Star, or Pole Star.

Uses: The Snow Quartz Comb can be used when one needs spiritual guidance and special blessings. When the Snow Quartz Comb is held high above the Crown Chakra, it can balance the whole energy system.  This comb can be used to purify, cleanse and balance the aura, the chakras and the meridians. Physically it can aid calcium absorption, strengthen bones, hair, and teeth, and calm nervous system disorders.

Qualities: Clearing, Attunement, Refinement, Receiving, Stillness, Hope, Innocence.

Affirmations:  I am transparent. I am a blessing. I am connected to my Self as spirit.

The Quartz Crystal Comb

Geology/History:  The ancient Greeks believed quartz crystal was a compact fossilized form of ice and originally named this stone krystallos, the word for ice.  Later, quartz crystal was used in radio transmission and was essential in the development of computers and watches due to its piezo-electric quality creating an electric charge under pressure.

Energetics: It is especially linked to the crown chakra and may be used in holistic healing work to open the channels of communication and light.

Uses:  Quartz crystal has the ability to unblock energy flow and to purify the body’s energy field by amplifying, focusing and directing our energy. It can also transform negative energies and enhance mental capacity, clarity and concentration.   Quartz crystal has been used to reduce pain, headaches, dizziness and digestive problems.

Qualities: Protection, Purification, Clarity, Healing, Insightfulness, Motivation, Self-Awareness.

Affirmations: I am a transmitter of energy.  I am a concentrated form of light.  I am clear.

The Amythest Comb

Gemcomb AmethystGeology: Amethyst is found lining hollow cavities in rocks, and has a distinct dichroism with both bluish-purple and reddish-purple hues.

Energetics: The Amethyst Comb was created with the intent of increasing the power of the Third Eye, the chakra in the center of the head that is connected to the pituitary gland.  It helps us align with our highest guidance and intentions. During energy balancing work, this comb enhances connections of the Third Eye center to all other chakras.

Uses: Amethyst reduces insomnia, headaches, nervousness and digestive problems. Amethyst also balances the hormonal system. It aids in detoxifying the body, and boosts immune function.  It is great for reducing electromagnetic pollution.  Amethyst improves concentration and meditation, heightens intuition, and clears the ‘fog’ created by an overstimulated mind.

Qualities: Power, Wisdom, Intuition, Inspiration, Healing, Transformation, Relaxation.

Affirmations: Wisdom and intuition always guide me. I follow the calling of my soul.

The Blue Lace Agate Comb

Blue Lace Agate GemcombGeology/History: While agate stones have been popular for centuries, Blue Lace Agate is a relatively recent discovery in the agate family from Africa.

Energetics: Blue lace agate activates and opens the 5th chakra of communication helping us say the right words at the right time to speak our innermost truth. The cloudy blue sky appearance of this stone radiates peace, quiet, patience and wisdom, and promotes conscious breathing.

Uses:  Agates can alleviate headaches, upset stomachs, eye and skin disorders, infections, fevers, and emotional imbalances. Blue lace agate is especially helpful for neck, throat and thyroid conditions.

Qualities: Clear Communication, Stability, Truth.

Affirmations: I am clear, precise and truthful in my communication. I am safe and divinely aligned in bringing forth the truth. I breathe consciously.

The Rose Quartz Comb

Rose Quartz GemcombGeology: Magnesium and titanium are factors in this beautiful stone’s pink hue.

Energetics: Rose quartz soothes and balances the heart chakra.  It brings healing and clarity to the emotional body and strengthens the link between the heart and each of the other charkas.

Uses: Rose Quartz improves cardiovascular health, fertility, headaches, migraines and sexual dysfunction.  It strengthens the kidneys and the circulatory system and helps with the release of toxins and irritation. Rose quartz clears negative feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy, and fear while instilling feelings of self-worth, self-confidence, self-love and inner calm. Rose Quartz is an important stone for times of emotional stress such as separation, loss of a loved one and challenging career changes. Its soft frequency attracts angelic energies and encourages fidelity.

Qualities: Love, Lightness, Openness, Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing, Balance, Harmony, Trust, Creativity.

Affirmations: I am love.  The past is healed.  I open myself to love and light. I am whole.

The Jade Comb

Jade GemcombGeology/History: Jade is one of the oldest known gemstones with a history stretching back more than 7,000 years. In 1863, gemologists discovered that what has long been known as jade is in fact two separate and quite distinct minerals: nephrite and jadeite.  This comb is made of nephrite from Canada, the more common form of jade.  Though nephrite is slightly softer and less dense than jadeite, it is more resistant to fracture due to it’s structure.  Nephrite is calcium magnesium iron silicate.

Energetics: The Jade Comb supports health by strengthening the flow of life energy and grounding us deeply into our bodies and the earth, while maintaining a strong link to the subtle planes of thought and inspiration.  Jade invokes wisdom, peace, harmony and devotion to our higher purpose.   The Jade Comb has a very centering, calming, strengthening effect.

Uses: Jade is useful for balancing the circulatory system, increasing the quality of the blood, and strengthening the heart. It can alleviate kidney and bladder stones.  The cooling vibration of the Jade Comb balances the flow of life energy especially when used along the bladder and kidney meridians.

Qualities: Wisdom, Peace, Harmony, Devotion, Protection, Grounding, Strength.

Affirmations: My life energy is strong. I am protected and blessed.  I am balanced: simultaneously grounding and expanding.

The Tiger’s Eye Comb

Tiger's Eye GemcombHistory: Tiger’s Eye has been used for protection since Ancient Roman times.

Energetics: The Tiger’s Eye Comb is connected to the Solar Plexus, the energy center in the upper abdomen and assists this area in shining as strongly and brightly as the sun.

Uses: Tiger’s Eye increases energy, stamina, and abundance.  The word wealth is derived from an old English word meaning wellbeing, recognizing our plentiful supply of resources and talents, and acknowledgement of having enough. Tiger’s Eye aids vision problems, stomach disorders and  balances blood pressure.

Qualities: Calming, Soothing, Wealth, Talent, Confidence, Power.

Affirmations: I am a manifestation of strong, pure golden light.  I use my resources and talents for the greater good of all.  I am enough.

The Red Jasper Comb

Red Jasper GemcombGeology: The red color in this jasper from Africa is the result of its iron oxide content.

Energetics: Red Jasper emits the stable and vibrant energy of the Earth mother, fostering stillness, peace, and the assurance of being deeply supported. The Red Jasper Gemcomb is related to the 2nd chakra and serves to regenerate and balance our emotional rhythms and creativity.

Uses: Red Jasper alleviates depression, balances problems of the blood, digestion, bladder and nervous system, eases the pain of childbirth, and strengthens the aura. Red jasper promotes deep relaxation, balanced sexuality, balanced will power, and courage.

Qualities: Peace, relaxation, will power, energy, protection.

Affirmations: I create, co-create and recreate life.  I am always supported.  I am protected.

The Snowflake Obsidian Comb

Snowflake Obsidian GemcombGeology: Obsidian is the formation of rapidly cooling volcanic lava, as it crystalizes, inclusions of felspar become visible, resulting in what we call Snowflake Obsidian.

Energetics:  The Snowflake Obsidian Comb assists us when we need to release that which is no longer serving our highest good.  This comb relates to the first chakra, the root chakra, our center of groundedness, belonging, and deep internal wisdom.  Snowflake Obsidian reminds us to flow, expand and let change beautify and empower us. This comb mirrors our shadow side so that we can heal and consciously integrate the different parts of our being.  Snowflake Obsidian represents transformation, death of the old, and the commitment to illuminate anything in our subconscious mind that may be hindering our connection with ourselves as Spirit.

Uses: Snowflake Obsidian is used to relieve pain by physically placing it upon scars, cramps, injuries, arthritis, or inflammation. It assists in detoxification and improves both  internal and external vision.

Qualities: Purification, Transformation, Rebirth, Protection, Grounding, Integration.

Affirmations: I recognize the duality of this world. I give birth to my visions and dreams.  I am reborn as I release my attachment to the past.

The Black Obsidian Comb

Black Obsidian GemcombGeology:  Black Obsidian is made when volcanic lava cools too quickly for any crystalline structures to form, leaving an opaque black volcanic glass.

Energetics: Transformation occurs as Black Obsidian’s mirror-like surface deflects negativity.  As a result, we can express our wisdom more clearly and increase our access to our deepest truths and devotion. The Obsidian Comb is dedicated to Kali, the goddess of transformation and death.  Kali leads us through our darkness toward rebirth and spiritual growth, and helps us transmute the fear of death.

Uses: Obsidian alleviates hearing problems, stomach ulcers and heart ailments.

The Black Obsidian Comb assists us during times of letting go, when we need to move beyond actions and patterns which are no longer serving us. Black Obsidian helps us identify our most important needs, and empowers us to summon the courage we need to ask for and receive support.

Qualities: Transformation, Strength, Power of Decision, Surrender.

Affirmation:  I will destroy the thoughts, behaviors and patterns that no longer serve me in order to take my life in the direction I am meant to go.

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