Fotolia_48204453_MClarity Coaching

Clarity Coaching is an opportunity to be truly honest about what you want to cultivate in life, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and to take action to get results.  Whether you are searching for more fulfilling work, a better relationship with food or exercise, harmony in your love life, or a consistent meditation practice, this session can help!

These transformative sessions can take place in person, or from anywhere in the world via phone or video chat.

Instead of gazing outwardly as if into a crystal ball, clarity coaching urges you to look deeply within yourself to identify goals, dreams, and visions for your life. This is done in part by learning to recognize your body’s own unique messages for “yes” and “no.” This self-connection process

allows us to move beyond the dizzying web of stories and false identities often spun by the mind. Maui Retreat Sunset

Once some clarity is achieved, themes and patterns of what you have shared are reflected back to you for review and refinement. Then we work toward aligning your inner-most desires with your thoughts, words, and actions.  Ongoing accountability support is available as needed for integrating your action steps into daily practice.

Some people are ready to fly solo after a single session, others choose to continue coaching for years, and most land somewhere in between these extremes.  There is no magic formula for how long the process takes, but you are guaranteed to learn a lot about yourself and many useful mindfulness practices along the way. 90 minutes is the recommended session length, but shorter and longer timings can be arranged as needed.  Prepaid packages are also available for those knowing they will want to do multiple sessions a year.

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1 Hour: $120
90 mins: $170
3 Hours Prepaid: $325
5 Hours Prepaid: $500
10 Hours Prepaid: $950
Prepaid Packages are valid for 1 year from purchase date.