Online Wellness Challenge: Day 2

Improving Your Elimination

Now that you have gotten clear about your goals, it’s time to start making space for them through the beautiful process of elimination.

Here are your challenges for Day 2:

1. Choose a depleting food or beverage commonly found in your diet to say adios to for the rest of the month.  Instead of selecting a single item, choose a broad category that will help you eliminate numerous “depleters” at once.  Examples are caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, deep fried foods, non-organic animal products, or anything else you know is not contributing to your Whole Life Health.  Be sure to contact me if you have questions about this aspect of the challenge.

2. Take 20 minutes to listen to this Guided Meditation for Chakra Clearing.  Sit with your spine upright in a chair, or on the floor.   Lying on your back is also acceptable, but please DO NOT listen to this audio track while driving or doing any other activity.  This meditation uses a collection of tools for guiding you toward Whole Life Health by assisting you in managing your energy.  Don’t worry if you can’t see or do what the instructions ask of you.  Just listen with an open mind, and your Spirit will receive what it needs to hear.  If you mind strays, just bring it back again, and again, and again as soon as you realize you’ve drifted in your focus.

3. Get some moderate exercise today to clear your mind and help your liver clear your bloodstream of unwanted toxins. If you are a super-athlete, tone your workout down to 70% of your maximum effort and duration.  If you typically stroll leisurely for your exercise, pick up the pace and add some extra time to your walk.

4. Start taking the Ayurvedic herbal formula Triphala if your bowel movements are less frequent than once per day.  This blend of three herbs is not a traditional fast acting laxative, but rather works by toning the colon to regulate and restore proper bowel function.  It works slowly, so be patient and follow the recommended dosage on the bottle.  Triphala can be found at most health food stores and herb shops.

5.  Check-in with me by email about your experience with today’s guided meditation, what you did for exercise, and be sure to let me know which food category you are leaving in the dust this month.