Online Wellness Challenge: Day 9

Purification: Body, Mind & Spirit

Today is Day 9 and our focus is to support the kidneys, those amazing little organs that purify our blood and maintain our fluid balance.

1. Start by preparing yourself some delicious Kidney Kitchari to eat for the rest of the day.  This recipe makes more than most of the other kitchari recipes, so it’s a great day to share some with friends or family if you had enough yesterday.

2. Sweat is another primary way that the body purifies itself, so make sure to excercise today for 30-45 minutes or spend some time in a sauna to break a detoxifying sweat.

3. Proper hydration is the key to kidney function, so drink at least 1.25 liters of water today. Other beverages do not contribute to this total, only water! Feel free to have herbal tea or  coconut water in addition to this if you aren’t floating away today from too much fluids. Do your best to consume your water between meals and limit to having only sips while eating.

4. Speaking of drinks, have 1/2 cup of aloe juice today to soothe the intestines, balance hormones, and tone the blood.  Drink the aloe between meals at least 1/2 hour away from food intake.   Do not have the aloe juice during pregnancy or menstruation as it can interfere with female reproductive hormones at these times.  At all other times though, it is incredibly beneficial for both men and women.

5. Another aspect of purification is letting go of what is no longer serving us.  So be honest with yourself about a recurring thought, habit, or way of treating others  that you are ready to purge and ceremonially cut the cord.  Don’t worry about doing it right, just do something to relinquish your former attachment to whatever it is you are ready to release.  If this leads to a tantrum, a bonfire, a dance, or a moment of silence, it’s all great.

6. Check in today about with me about your experience with the kitchari, your bowel movement frequency (take more Triphala if you are going less than once a day), and anything else you’d like to share about your day of purification.

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