Online Wellness Challenge: Day 10

Detoxification: Love Your Liver

The word that sums up the challenge today is detox.  The liver is the organ in charge of liberating toxins and escorting them out of the body as well as recycling hormones, amino acids and other bodily materials.  The gallbladder along with the liver supports our bodies in digesting fats.  Bitter is the flavor that best supports cleansing the liver and bloodstream , so today is a low fat, bitter-fest for nourishing the hardworking liver and giving the gallbladder a break.

1. The Liver-Gallbladder Kitchari is designed to give your primary detoxification organ (your liver) a little detox of its own.  The bitter herbs and vegetables in this recipe are just what the liver ordered to purge itself.  You may or may not find it delicious, but think of it as one of the best things you can do for your health and enjoy every bite.

2. Make sure your bowels are moving.  If not, you can increase your Triphala dosage (the herbal colon tonifier that was introduced on Day 2).  If you are into enemas or colonics today would be a good day for one of those.

3. Take a time out from toxins in as many ways as possible today, such as toxic relationships, toxic work environment, pesticides in foods, and artificial additives in your body care products.  If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin or in your hair especially today!

4. Do some yoga (at least 25 minutes of practice) or get some moderate exercise (30 minutes or more) as the liver really benefits from physical movement.

4. Drink extra water today – aim for 2 liters, and if you can stomach a shot of wheatgrass, drink 2-4 ounces and say cheers to your liver!

5. Listen to this guided meditation for liver day.

6. You may feel lightheaded, headachy, nauseous, or irritable today.  It sometimes happens when detoxifying.  Get some extra rest, check in with me, and keep up the good work.  You are really doing your body good!

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