Online Wellness Challenge: Day 11

Forgiveness: Emotional Cleansing

It’s day 11, and we are cleansing the Spleen and Pancreas.  We are working on a more subtle level with these organs as well as the lymphatic system which supports hydration and immunity.  Since the spleen is said to be the holder of stuck emotions such as worry and jealousy, we’ll embark on an emotional cleanse today.

1. Prepare and enjoy the delicious Spleen/Pancreas Kitchari for all your meals today.

2. Fluids: Drink 1/2 cup of aloe juice at some point today 1/2 hour away from your food intake (unless you are pregnant or menstruating).  If you are up for another shot of wheatgrass, have 2-4 ounces also away from food and from the aloe juice. Be sure to consume 1.5 – 2 liters of water also away from your meals today to flush out toxins and support your lymphatic system.

3. Journal about what forgiveness means to you, then choose 1-3 situations in your life that are in need of emotional clearing.  You may not need to approach another person at all, but can do this healing within yourself.  First, take a look at your part in the conflict, incident or distance and then brainstorm what you could have done differently in the situation.  Then, forgive yourself for your part (even if you can’t figure out what it is).  Then, pardon the other party for his/her/their part.  Notice how much lighter you feel no longer carrying the burden of blame and resentment in your spleen.

4. Try this pranayama exercise to support cleansing on a subtle level.  Start with deep belly breathing in and out through your nose letting your hands rise with your belly on the inhale and fall as your belly contracts inward on the exhale.  After three rounds, transition into Bhramari, the bumblebee. This practice is very useful for drawing in the senses and calming the mind.  Place your middle and fourth fingers gently over both your eyelids.  Rest your pinky fingers on your cheeks.  Place your index fingers just above your eyebrows.  With your elbows pointing out to your right and left, insert your thumbs into your ears, closing them completely.  Inhale slowly and as you exhale slowly make a humming sound (kind of like a bumblebee) keeping your mouth closed and your shoulders relaxed.   Keep the fingers in place as you inhale slowly and deeply for the next round.  Relax your shoulders the entire time and practice three rounds.  Then sit with your eyes closed for 3 minutes noticing the vibration in your body and how you feel.

5. Today is a great day for a restorative or very gentle soothing yoga practice and/or a lymphatic drainage massage.

6. Taking a walk or hike is fantastic for the lymphatic system which doesn’t have a pump so it moves when we move.  At whatever pace seems fitting for you today, get moving for at least 35 minutes.

6. Soak your garbanzo beans overnight tonight to enjoy tomorrow, and remember to check in with me about your day of cleansing and forgiveness.

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