Online Wellness Challenge: Day 16

Take the Next Step

1. Now that you’re half-way into the challenge, it’s time to take it to the next level.  Don’t put limits on what’s possible in your whole life health.  Where are you holding yourself back?  Take a few minutes to journal about whatever comes to mind with the words self-limitation as well as any strategies you can dream up to move beyond your perceived limitations.

2. Take your exercise to the next level with moderate intensity for a duration of one hour today!

3. Take your eating to the next level today and have a fresh vegetable juice.  If you don’t have a juicer or access to freshly pressed vegetable juice, mix a serving of a vegetable-based powdered green drink in water or have a heaping bowl of dark leafy greens such as kale, collards, or chard as your lunch or dinner.  All of these options are great steps to alkalize your body which supports health all the way down to the cellular level.

4. Go beyond your self-limitations today to reach out and connect with that person, business, or organization you’ve been interested in cultivating some kind of relationship with, but have been procrastinating, shy about, or waiting for them to make the first move.  You are an incredible person with many gifts to share, so take the next step towards living the life of your dreams by establishing healthy alliances in your work and personal life.

5. Check out this Introduction to the Doshas.  Based on your results of yesterday’s dosha quiz, choose foods and activities that will take your whole life health to the next level by bringing your life more into balance.  Keep in mind that Ayurveda is a vast science that takes some time to understand, so don’t get overwhelmed.  Take what’s accessible to you and leave the rest.  One helpful tip is that we tend to gravitate toward that which takes us further out of balance, so you may not be thrilled with the recommendations at first, but give them some time and you’ll likely appreciate the results.

6. In your check in today, be sure to share which challenges were effortless and which (if any) were a struggle for you.   Keep up the great work!

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