Online Wellness Challenge: Day 18

Review & Affirm

1. Take a few minutes to acknowledge what is going well in your challenge and allow yourself to feel gratitude for your dedication and perseverance thus far.  Then take a look at the aspects of your challenge that have been a struggle and can use some work.  Where can you improve your success?  Now look at the areas where you’ve done ok, not your best, but not your worst.  What changes can you make to your efforts in these parts of the challenge to help you finish stronger, clearer, more aligned with your absolute highest good?   I’m happy to offer suggestions if you feel stuck thinking about how to modify the challenge to better suit your needs.  Just ask!

2. Weigh yourself and try on that item of clothing that you selected to use as a measure on day one.  Take note of how you have changed.  Maybe the differences are less physical and more mental or emotional.  Be sure not to discount even the smallest improvements.  Reaffirm your commitment to yourself in this challenge.  Give it your best, that that will always be enough.

3. Eliminate any remaining vices in the food and beverage department of your life.  Caffeine, refined sugars (sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup), alcohol, artificial flavors and colors, hydrogenated oils, partially hydrogenated oils, and trans-fats.  Yes, you will need to cook more because you’ll have far less options for eating out, but the quality of what you consume increases dramatically when you eliminate all the “food-like substances” that contain this junk.  As you feed your cells real nutrients you’ll feel better, look better, think better, and be better.  Try this recipe for Delicious and Hearty Miso Soup.

4. Get a good workout in today!   You are so worth it!!!  To make the time, give up late night television, go to bed earlier, so that you can get up earlier and have more time in your days.  You might growl at the idea now, but you’ll thank me later!

5. Review your week and think about any interactions in which you were not behaving like the best person you could have been.  Think about ways you could have treated the person or situation differently, and if it’s appropriate, make an apology if you were out of line.  Don’t beat yourself up about the incident, instead, learn from the situation so that you can be a better person from here forward.

6.  Start using a tongue scraper each morning before you brush your teeth.  Gently scrape your tongue 3-10 times and give the tool a rinse in between each scrape.    This practice reduces bad breath and allows you to monitor the daily accumulation of ama (metabolic toxins) on your tongue.  Notice the thickness, location and color of your tongue coating as well as changes from day to day.  Consistently large amounts of material on the tongue are a sign that your digestion is not functioning optimally. Accumulation at the back of the tongue and/or coating that is a brownish color relates to excess Vata. Accumulation in the center of the tongue or that with a yellow or green tint is a sign of excessive Pitta. Accumulation that is white and/or at the front of the tongue is a signal of excess Kapha.  You can improve your digestive situation by eating foods to reduce the dosha that is appearing in excess.  Amazing huh?

7. Email me the answers to the questions from #1, 2, and 6 so that I can support your success even more.

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