Online Wellness Challenge: Day 19

Life as a Mirror

1. Increase your awareness by trying simple tasks backwards today.  For example, if you usually step your right leg into your pants first, start with the left leg.  Use your opposite hand to brush your teeth, and carry items such as groceries or your purse in the opposite arm from your usual pattern.  This process of mirroring your regular activities will bring consciousness into automatic habits.  This reflection can translate into other parts of your life too, like automatically reaching for a snack because it’s in front of you, or habitually stopping for a beverage when you pass a particular shop.  The more we choose our actions with conscious awareness, the better our daily lives will match our dreams and intentions.  Try it, and when you realize you have reverted to automatic pilot mode, shift your focus toward paying attention again, and again, and again.

2. Speaking of mirrors, what do you tell yourself when you look at your body in the mirror?  Do you always look for the “flaws” that you dislike about your appearance?  Do you generally feel judgment or acceptance? Do you see yourself through eyes of beauty? Our inner dialogue forms our outer reality, so in that sense, our entire lives serve as mirrors of what we are experiencing internally.  The lens through which we view the world affects how we see everything, the good news is, we have the power to clean the lens.  Meditation is an effective cleaning system for emptying out the junk that circulates through our minds. Listen to this short Guided Meditation for Clearing the Lens and then set a timer for 8 minutes and ask for/allow all the negative jargon that flies around your head to be released via dance, writing, sketching, painting, yelling (in a safe place all alone or after warning others of course), or whatever other creative way you’d like to release those inner demons.   Don’t hold back, let it all come out.  Then spend another 2 minutes in silent stillness and notice how you feel with less of that junk in your mental and physical space! If you “purge” on paper, feel free to keep, trash, or burn whatever comes forth.

3.  Ayurveda places great emphasis on the importance of cleansing the nostrils for three primary reasons.  First, the nose is a filter for airborne pathogens, so it supports our immune system to have them working as effectively as possible.  Second, the nose offers a direct pathway to the brain which is why smells often send us rapidly down memory lane.  We can support the sattvic (harmonious, peaceful, clarity) of the mind though the nose.  Third, the nostrils are exit points of two important Nadis (energy channels) called Ida and Pingala whose double helix upward spiraling pattern crosses at each of the chakras.  Ida relates to the left nostril and is the feminine, lunar, yin, cooling, healing principle.  Pingala corresponds with the right nostril and his masculine, solar, yang, digesting, and heating.  The neti pot allows salt water to flow in one nostril and out the other cleansing the cilia (tiny hairs that line the nose) and clearing blockages between these two vital energetic channels.  Use filtered warm water with a pinch of salt added to the pot.  Tip your head forward over a sink, or outside and use half the pot in one nostril and out the other and then switch.  You can also do a full pot on each side if you wish.  Up to two times a day (morning and evening).  I usually just do it in the mornings.  It burns a little at first, but is incredible for sinus problems, allergies, and clear thinking.  Follow that practice with adding one drop of Nasya Oil into each nostril for added clarity and immune support.  Most health food stores carry both neti pots and nasya.  If you can’t find them locally order from Banyan Botanicals online.

4. Yoga is an incredible practice for seeing how our insides match our outsides. Do at least 15 minutes of yoga today, remembering to release all thoughts of self-judgment, comparison, or striving, and instead practice letting your thoughts be a mirror reflecting what you want more of in your practice and your life.

5. What we consume literally becomes part of us.  Yikes!  So before you put any questionable processed or low-nutrient “food” into your mouth, think about what you are offering to your cells for repair, new growth, and energy.  Do you really want those pretzels to become part of your body?  Take a look at this list of Nutrient-Rich Snack Foods and aim to eat more fresh, local, whole foods than ever before.

6. Check in about whatever you’d like today and know that you are amazing just because you are you!

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