Online Wellness Challenge: Day 21

Fulfillment & Meaning

1. Any time we release anything, we need to choose a replacement, or we end up filling that space unconsciously.  This month, you are releasing habits and patterns that are no longer serving you, so it is important to get clear about what is filling that void.  While some of the short-term rewards are being forfeited for improved health, other more satisfying long-term rewards do exist. The question to ask yourself today is what fulfills you? What gives your life a sense of meaning and purpose?  It could be as simple as feeling cozy and warm when it’s cold or raining outside, spending quality time with friends and loved ones, or making an important contribution through your work.  Take 7 minutes and make a list of the activities, processes, and interactions that you find fulfilling or meaningful in your life.  Then spend the week sprinkling these treasures into your daily experience as often as possible.

2. Think about the foods that make you feel most nourished, and focus on having at least one wonderful meal incorporating that perfect (hopefully healthy) food for yourself today.

3. When choosing your exercise today, pick an activity and or a location that brings you joy.  If you have trouble determining what or where, think back to your childhood memories and how you loved to play way back then.  Even if your joyful choice is somewhat unconventional like a game of kickball, perhaps you can rally some people together to play later this week if not today.  Once you are in action, be present with how it feels to do what you love.

4. Listen to this Seat of Joy Guided Mediation for accessing your innermost bliss.

5. Practice yoga today not just to get through the poses, but to be present in your body with your breath.  Notice if/when you experience a deeper sense of connection to your Self and a sense of connection to something greater while you are on your mat.

6. Check in with me via email about your experience and share at least three of the things that give your life meaning.

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