Online Wellness Challenge: Day 26

The Power of Yes & No

1. In creating and living the life of your dreams, it is important to check in to see if your daily choices, actions and thoughts are in alignment with your vision on a regular basis.  Sometimes we say “yes” when it would be best to say “no” and other times we say “no” when we really need to say “yes.”  Every choice we make has an impact on the direction we are headed, and while we will all likely end up where we are meant to be eventually, we can arrive with more ease when we use these little words more carefully.  So today, go ahead and decline any invitations that you know aren’t absolutely necessary or beneficial for you.  This is especially important especially if you are the kind of person who always ends up taking care of others’ needs instead of your own.  I’m not saying become a rude, neglectful person or to abandon your necessary tasks or responsibilities that you don’t want to do and yet have to.  Instead wade through the sea of choices today and see where you end up by saying “yes” to the things that make your heart feel light and “no” to those which make your heart feel heavy.

2. When it comes to a long-term plan for healthy eating, I love the 85/15 Principle.  The 85/15 concept is that if you choose nourishing, healthy, whole foods 85% of the time, your body is better equipped to handle some less than optimum more depleting choices the other 15% of the time.  You may feel like you’d rather aim for 90/10 and that’s great too. Just make sure whatever you choose feels realistic for you for the long haul as these principles are about eating well for life, not just a short term diet or restrictive eating plan.  The idea is that by allowing yourself a little leeway, but not too much, you can eat for health without feeling deprived. To apply the 85/15 Principle, think about allowing yourself a less than perfect choice (or a treat)  about 3 times a week.  Or, you may choose to stay on target most of the year and be less regulated during your vacations.  The trick with having this leeway work for you is not to take it too far before coming back to balance, otherwise you’ll be sliding down a slippery slope that quickly becomes quite difficult to stop, turn around, and climb back to safety.   You may ask what counts in the depleting 15%.  It’s really up to you, but I classify alcohol, sugar, processed foods, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, foods with preservatives, fast foods, fried foods, and recreational drugs in this depleting category.  Aim high for your health and eat 85-90% nourishing foods starting today!

3. Book a self-care session today either with a practitioner or by taking time out to relax, oil your body, take a bath, or otherwise nourish your soul.  If you can’t do it today, squeeze it in later this week.

4. Say “Yes” to a short (15-30 minute) self-guided yoga practice today.  Choose one standing pose, one balance pose, one inversion, one back bend, one twist, one forward bend and then savasana.  See the Yoga Home Practice Sequence for pose ideas.

5. Sometimes we need to say yes when we feel like saying no.  For example, in exercise, there are days when we have to drag ourselves into the workout, but we always so much better afterward.  DO IT!  Workout today, especially if you don’t feel like it.  I know I said practice saying no, but not about this, not unless you are a 7 day a week hard-core workout fiend.  Then, maybe no workout is exactly what you need today.

6. Check in with me about your day and how you felt giving more attention to your yes’s and no’s.

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