Online Wellness Challenge: Day 28

Trusted Guidance & Support

1.  Listen within to your own inner voice, the crystal clear gentle, subtle yet persistent knowingness that is beyond attachment, force or strain.  You’ll know whether or not you’re there by tuning into to your heart.  Is it at ease with no agitation or apprehension, or does it feel heavy or fearful.  From this place of ease and deep inner truth, spend 5 minutes clarifying in writing what you need in terms of support and guidance to propel your changes and goals from here forward into lasting whole life health improvements.  Take the steps necessary to put your needs into action so that your progress this month is a launching pad for future success instead of a dead end.

2.  One of the most valuable tools to keep moving forward in the direction we want to go is to have support.  Choose someone you trust to be your accountability buddy.  Ideally this person will be supportive, yet neutral and not attached to your outcomes.  This buddy doesn’t have to do much in the way of responding or offering advice, in fact it’s better if they allow your process to be your own as you check in with him/her on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis about how you are doing.    If you find that he/she is willing to support you in this way, agree upon a check-in schedule, method of contact, and clarify your expectations from the start.  The idea behind having an accountability buddy is that you will be more responsible and dedicated toward consistently working on your goals if you have someone to report to on a regular basis.

3. Today’s yoga is geared toward practicing what your body needs, rather than what you always do or what you think you should do.  Listening within is the foundation of building your home practice.  Review the Home Yoga Practice Sequence & Poses and choose 1-2 poses from each category to work on in your practice today.  Don’t worry so much about “doing it just right,” and enjoy the connection to your inner wisdom.  As long as you are breathing consciously and paying attention, you are practicing yoga, and that’s a tremendous gift!

4.  Listen within about what type, duration, intensity, and distance for your exercise today, and adapt your workout accordingly.  If you don’t trust the internal message, go for a moderate workout today, and keep cultivating your connection to your own inner wisdom.  It’s there for each one of us, we just have to remember how to connect to it, like scanning for a clear radio station amid all the static and white noise.

5.  Eat only when hungry today.  Experience real hunger, that burning, hollow, or empty sensation in the belly.  Refrain from eating due to the thought of an appealing food, because it’s mealtime, or because there is food around.  You might find you eat less than normal today as a result, and that’s ok.  The point is to practice listening inside for your guidance about when, how much, and what you need food-wise.   Now that you are eating better foods, it’s important to look at when, why, and how much you eat to ensure that your eating supports your whole life health.

6. Check in about your experiences today and be sure to let me know what you identified regarding your needs for support.

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