Online Wellness Challenge: Day 3

Deepening Your Awareness

Your challenges for Day 3 include a variety of processes to bring your mind into the present moment to deepen your experience.  Here they are:

1. Journaling or writing uninterrupted with your pen staying in contact with the page for 5 straight minutes with the prompt: If only I ____, then I would ____. Write whatever comes to you without judgment, discernment, or self-censoring.  Just allow the words to pour out through your hand.  You don’t ever have to share it, in fact, you can ceremonially burn it if you’d like, so let your self write freely.  If you get blocked or stuck, keep moving the pen and ask yourself the question, If I did have something to say, what would it be?

2. Practice yoga either through attending a class, following a yoga DVD, or trying the Samana Wellness 45-Minute Restorative Body-Mind-Spirit Yoga Video.  Be sure to tune into your breath and to how you feel in your body on a regular basis today.

3. Drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water today.  In case you are wondering, other beverages do not contribute to this water intake total, only water counts toward this goal.  One of my teachers always says, “You don’t wash your car in tea!” What he means is that our bodies need cleansing and water is the best fluid for the job.  Cheers!

4. Chew every bite of food you put in your mouth a minimum of 20 times!  Yes, I’m serious.  This can boost your digestive fire (Agni), improve your energy level,  and increase your sensory satisfaction of food more than you could possibly realize.  Try it!

5. Email me to check in about your experiences today.  How was it to consciously chew?  Did you feel like you were floating away drinking all that water?   How was the writing exercise? Did you enjoy your yoga?  Thanks so much for sharing even if it’s a few words, it helps you to better digest your experiences.

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