Online Wellness Challenge: Day 30!

Freedom & Persistance

1. Congratulations!  You made it here to the most important transition of the entire challenge, the doorway to keeping up the lifestyle that supports your whole life health from here forward.  Think back to how you felt at the beginning of the challenge a month ago.  Review your goals, and reset them to meet your current needs, capabilities, and timelines.

2. Free yourself from any destructive fears and doubts that may linger about your ability to follow through with living a healthier lifestyle in your post-challenge days.  You have experienced a huge array of tools and while you don’t need to do them all perfectly or even regularly, you know better now, so there is an inherent need to do better as a result.  Get out of your own way, and THRIVE! Remember you can turn your fears, doubts and sabotaging tendencies around 180 degrees and recalibrate your thinking to a positive mentality anywhere anytime.  Our perspective greatly affects our power, so take responsibility for keeping your lens of perception clear and you’ll be able to interact with crises as opportunities to learn, grow, and keep becoming the best you can be.

3. Hold precious what you want to create and pat yourself on the back with every single small success.  One of my teachers uses the expression, “Pocket every win.”  This is critically important, because so often we berate ourselves for what we didn’t do well and ignore all the things we succeeded on in a day, week, month, or project.  Review your accomplishments just as much as your struggles and keep a balanced outlook on your life.  This will give you clarity to adjust your goals for success and keep you attracting what you want to create instead of unconsciously repelling it.  Make reviewing your accomplishments a weekly (if not daily) practice in your life.

4. Eating for optimal health can look very different for each one of us.  Overall, if we aim to build our diet around consuming 80-85% nourishing foods and 15-20% of less ideal foods, we give our bodies a healthy balance of nutrients without feeling deprived.  Eating for health is not about making perfect choices all the time, but instead we aim to make good choices more often than not.  If you have an episode of making a string of “bad” choices, simply get back on track as soon as you realize you’ve strayed.  So often, we operate from an all or nothing mentality.  Instead of supporting growth and healing, this way of approaching life takes us further from our goals.  “Messing up” is not an excuse to dive deeper into self-destructive patterns, rather it’s an opportunity to come back into balance that very next moment, not the next day, month or year.  It’s all the little choices made day to day that add up to take us in the direction of our dreams.  Keep taking small steps toward radiant health with an attitude of acceptance when you falter, and you’ll keep experiencing positive transformations.

5. In honor of honor of persistence with the tools you have practiced throughout this month, choose at least one of the following to do for 1 hour today: exercise, yoga, meditation, conscious breathing, and/or reflective writing.

6. Take a picture of yourself in the same clothing you wore in your “before” picture.  Email me a copy of the “after” picture, and let me know how you are feeling.

7. Complete the feedback form, and please keep in touch. I love to hear about your experiences both successes and challenges.

I honor you and your courage on this journey and I wish you patience, persistence, and joy as you continue to cultivate whole life health.  Namaste!

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