Online Wellness Challenge: Day 7

Plan Ahead & Prepare

Today’s theme is preparation.  We are starting a kitchari cleanse tomorrow, so you’ll need to prepare your mind as well as your kitchen for this healing journey.

1. Shop for any remaining supplies you’ll need for cooking 5 days of kitchari for yourself.  Health food stores are going to be your best bet for most of the dry ingredients on the shopping list.  If you have access to an organic farmers’ market that’s usually the freshest place to get your produce.

2. Review the recipes and contact me if you have questions or concerns. These recipes generally make four servings.  Although it can be tricky to predict exactly how much you will eat, I’d rather you have too much to start with and downsize the recipes as needed in subsequent days, than to have not made enough food and have to cook again.   If this is all you are eating and you have an average appetite, this will likely be enough.   If you recruit others to join you, you’ll need to make more.  The kidney recipe makes a lot, so that’s a good day to plan on sharing some with friends or family.

It’s a good idea to make a plan for when you will prepare this delicious nourishing soup each day for the next five days.  I like to cook the whole day’s food in the am, and then gently warm it (not to boiling or even a real simmer) if I re-heat it for later meals.  Often I just eat it at room temp, but if you live in a colder climate or prefer warm foods, gently reheating it over the stove on simmer or low will be fine.  Do not bring it to a boil when reheating as this destroys the remaining prana (life force).Note: In Ayurveda eating leftovers more than 24 hours old is not recommended, and neither is freezing food for later.   If  you have extra kitchari leftover from the previous day, you could have some within the 24 hour period if you needed to eat again before you made the next day’s fresh batch.   While this is ideal, in general, if your options are to eat leftover or frozen homemade food or “fresh” fast food, eat all the leftovers and frozen foods you like.

3. Read the cleanse guidelines now too, so you know what to expect and how to handle cravings if any arise.  Then take 10 minutes to reflect (in meditation or while journaling) on any resistance, hesitation, or reasons for not being ready to start this cleanse tomorrow.  Use the guided meditation tool of a rose to dispel all this inhibiting energy and fill yourself with the supportive golden light of willingness and self-love.

4. Prepare your liver for its upcoming role in detoxifying your body with some moderate aerobic exercise (hike, brisk walk, jog, swim, dance, or any other way that gets you moving) for 45 minutes or more today.  Work hard enough that you feel challenged yet not so hard that you can’t maintain your effort.

5. Go ahead and give away (or toss out) any tempting foods from your household stash so that you can more easily eat only kitchari for the next 5 days.  Your body will be so grateful for this time of Agni-building (digestive fire)  nourishment.  Keep your focus on your goals, and do your best keep your diet clean today as your detox will be a harsher, more unpleasant process if you are not physically prepared.

6. Check in with me about how prepared or unprepared you are feeling and to answer any questions about the cleanse.

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