Online Wellness Challenge: Day 8

Digesting Food & Digesting Life

Congratulations!  You’ve made it to week two and the start of your kitchari cleanse. Today is focused on improving digestion, both your physical digestion of nutrients and your mental, emotional, and spiritual digestion of life experiences.

1. Today’s Digestive Kitchari will help ignite your Agni (digestive fire) and bring balance to your gastrointestinal system.  Enjoy as much kitchari as you would like, but eat only that today and NOTHING else.  Also don’t add salt or any extra seasonings.  The recipes are designed for healing, not to appease your taste buds.  You’ll be so glad you gave your body this time to heal, so digest your fears and go for it!

2. Drink plenty of water (no other beverages besides coconut water, lemon or lime water, and herbal teas).  All beverages are best consumed at least 20 minutes prior to eating and at least 1 hour after eating.  Remember from the cleanse guidelines that cravings are often quenched with a nice glass of water.

3. Take at least 5 minutes today to focus on the deep belly breathing and the alternate nostril balancing breath that you practiced last week.  After these intentional breathing practices, trace a clockwise spiral from your navel outward to all the way to the width of your body.  This is the path of your Samana, the air aspect in your body that assists in digestion of nutrients and of life experience.  Then sit with your eyes closed for another 3-5 minutes observing your breath and the amazing power of digestion as you connect more deeply to yourself as spirit.

4. After each meal today casually walk between 100 and 1000 steps.  If you can’t get outside after eating, move around a little wherever you are. This is a great practice for boosting digestion.

5. Make time for a yoga today.  Enjoy this 25-Minute Samana Wellness Vinyasa Practice or go to a class.

6. Final challenge for the day, let your agni burn between meals.  Letting yourself get hungry is actually good for your digestion.  Not so ravenous that you want to eat your hand, but actually noticing an empty hollow burning sensation in your belly that denotes your body is ready for a meal.

7. Be sure to soak your adzuki beans overnight tonight so that you can enjoy them tomorrow and check in with me about your day today.

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