Guided Meditation Classes

Whether you are new to meditation or practice regularly, this approach will help you connect more deeply to your higher Self and leave you feeling energized, integrated, and empowered.

Chakra Guided Meditation

  • Learn to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions with these simple tools.
  • Restore balance to your body, mind, and spirit and improve the quality of your life by directing your energy toward what you want to create.
  • Move through fear and resistance while recognizing your underlying motives by illuminating any dark corners of your being.
  • Break negative thought patterns at their source with loving kindness.
  • Take the next step to promote peace in the world by cultivating a deep sense of serenity within yourself.
I am now really taking time to mediate.  Danielle’s guided meditations help me so much.  I am a very visual person and her meditations are vivid, easy to follow, and the perfect length for my lack of patience.  I look forward to meditation like I never have before.  I feel the benefit throughout my day. THANK YOU!   -Maria Rojas, Maui