Mini-Retreat FAQs

Samana Wellness Mini-Retreat Frequently Asked Questions

Aromatherapy Meditation

Samana Wellness 5-Day Mini-Retreats serve as an effective “reset button” to gently detoxify and powerfully rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit through Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle tips and yogic practices to reduce pain, increase energy, promote longevity, manage stress, and move beyond self-destructive patterns that sabotage your whole life health.  All this in just 3.5 hours a day!!!

Common side effects for participants include:

  • weight loss
  • increased mental clarity
  • greater self-acceptance
  • inspiration to live their lives more fully & authentically
“Thank you so much for an amazing week. I just wanted you to know that my experience had a profound effect on me. It is amazing how empowered I feel. Thank you for sharing your expertise.” – Shawn Sands, Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

Digestive Boosting Ginger AppetizerWhat is Ayurveda?  Ayurveda translates as the “science of life.”  It is a 5000+ year old wellness system from ancient India. The focus of Ayurveda is to bring our bodies, minds, spirits and lives into balance by paying attention to what we do and how that relates to how we feel.  A very simplified overview of Ayurveda’s foundation is that 1) we are part of nature; 2) each of us has unique needs, which change with our age, activity level, environment, and the seasons; 3) everything that exists is comprised of different combinations of the same five elements: ether (space), air, fire, water, and earth; 4) Like attracts like and the opposite brings balance.  Meaning that everything we do and consume has an effect on us and that too much of one element without the proper balance of the others contributes to problems.


Yummy KitchariWhat is kitchari?  Kitchari is a delicious soup comprised of a legume (usually split mung beans), a grain (usually brown basmati rice), and a variety of vegetables and spices specifically chosen to bring greater vitality to the body, mind and spirit.  In the Ayurvedic tradition, a balanced digestive system is the key to lasting health.  Kitchari gives the body a chance to improve digestive function because it is full of nutrients that are very easy for most bodies to digest.  In this Mini-Retreat we eat kitchari for five days, focusing on a different organ or body system each day.  You’ll be happy to hear that almost all the previous Mini-Retreat participants have been happily surprised by how much they enjoyed eating kitchari.


“Thank you so much Danielle! I love your amazing spirit and food!” – Arlene Fox, Maui

Nutritious Herbal Teas

Can I still participate if I have to miss a day of the retreat?  Yes, you are welcome to join us even if you can’t attend all the sessions.  It is best if we can figure out a way for you to still get the food on the day you need to miss so that you can continue the cleanse if at all possible.


What if I need to arrive late or leave early?  We understand that arriving late and leaving early are sometimes necessary.  If this is the case for you, we ask that you do so quietly so as not to disrupt the group.


Is yoga or Ayurveda a religion?  No.  Yoga and Ayurveda are tools for healthier, happier more balanced living.  They are accessible to people of all faiths.

“The world was a lot more faded and dull before the retreat. Now my vision seems cleared and my thinking and communication is better.  I am more patient with others. I am tasting my food differently, colors are more vivid. I eat slower, chew better and taste the food more. I notice how I want to eat when I am not hungry yet and I am now stopping myself from eating too much. I wake up clear in the head and energized, and I fall asleep faster. The yoga has offered me flexibility and opened up areas I could not before. There is more lightness in my body when I do my walks in the morning now. My mind is not so busy. And, I am using my will and mind to stop me from doing destructive actions or behaviors.” – Robbie Marochi, Maui

How many people participate in each retreat? Group size varies from 4 to 20 participants.

Yoga for All LevelsI’m new to yoga, do you think the retreat is right for me?  The yoga taught during Samana Wellness Mini-Retreats is appropriate for all levels.  Really!  Props and modifications of poses and are always available to support you in finding a yoga practice that supports your needs whatever they may be.
“Your retreat has been a most wonderful, challenging, and beneficial experience for me! Thank you. I love the way you teach. I hope to train with you many more times.” – Annette Barry, Maui

I’ve never meditated before will this be too challenging for me? Not at all.  The guided meditation facilitated during the Mini-Retreats is accessible for anyone, and you are welcome to sit in a chair or lie on your back if sitting on the floor is uncomfortable for you.

Love and SupportI want to join you for the cleanse, but can’t make it to the morning classes. Is this possible? Yes the solution for you is called the Cleanse & Consult (no class) Option. This includes a half-hour consultation with Danielle and all your food and beverages for the 5-day cleanse.  You will need to arrange pickup for the food each day and a time for your consultation which can take place via phone, FaceTime, Skype, or in person.  If you’ve worked with Danielle before, the consult may be waived and the price reduced to $185 for the cleanse to go (food and beverages only). Email Danielle if this applies to you.  Otherwise, please understand that the consult is required for new participants, and will be a wonderful addition to your cleanse experience.

“I am so inspired by you, yes I am! You are honest, real and on your path of spiritual liberation and that is what I want in my life. Thank you for your open heart and kindness.” – Ri Lustman, Maui


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