Samana Wellness Approach to Whole Life Health

Whole Life Health

Samana Wellness is committed to transitioning into a healthier reality for our bodies, minds, spirits, soils, and waters.  By improving the quality of one of these areas, everything else receives great benefit through the deep spirals of interconnection that underlie life on Earth.

Holistic Nutrition for a Healthy Planet

This delicate balance of independence and interdependence is proof that each of our thoughts and actions really does matter and really does make a difference.

The intentions of Samana Wellness are   1) To empower people to take responsibility for the aspects of their lives that they can change which begin within; and 2) To inspire clients to discover and maintain optimum health in all areas of their lives culminating in Whole-Life-Health.

Founded by a Masters level Nutritionist with a background in psychology and yogic philosophy, Samana Wellness addresses health from a truly holistic framework in which the body, mind, and spirit are equally important factors; and how we relate to others, approach challenging situations in our lives, and interact with our environments are all reflections of our own wellbeing.  The Whole Life Health method is gentle, direct, thorough, and solution-oriented, with a strong encouragement for clients to take an active role in their own wellness.

Samana Wellness acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual, recognizing that there is no one right way to eat or to live for optimum health.  Health is a dynamic, individualized journey that requires paying attention to one’s own experience every single day, and being willing to make adjustments to support health as needs change over time.  Great care is taken to understand your unique situation in this person-centered approach, which is vastly different than the “one-size-fits-all” systems commonly found in diets and healthy living programs.   This distinction makes a big difference when it comes to results, because as suggestions are tailored to you, compliance is easier, which leads to greater success, and that’s the whole point right?


Revitalize Your Life with Samana Wellness by:

  • Increasing consumption of whole, unprocessed foodsMorning Meditation for Whole Life Health
  • Utilizing proven techniques for managing stress
  • Integrating regular exercise and mindfulness practices
  • Incorporating healthy recipes and Intentional Eating suggestions
  • Improving the quality of your sleep and relationships
  • Maintaining adequate support and accountability
  • Tuning into your goals, dreams, and authenticity
  • Reducing exposure to toxic chemicals, thoughts, and situations


Most Healthy Foods: KaleBenefits for All

Whether you are beginning your first steps toward healthier living or have been a health nut for decades, Samana Wellness Whole Life Health Counseling has the tools you need for attaining your wellness goals.  Learn to celebrate successes, problem solve for managing challenging situations, and listen to your body’s authentic needs.  The lasting changes that result from this approach feel almost effortless as they become integrated into your daily life because they are designed with you in mind.


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