Reconnecting to Inner Strength and Guidance

In these uncertain times, it seems fitting to search for a source of strength and guidance in our lives. Like the hidden treasures sought in fables and fairy tales, what we are seeking “out there” is often right under our noses.  The area between the navel and pubic bone is revered in most cultures as a primary source of wisdom, which we refer to in English as our gut instincts.

End Sexual Abuse Unfortunately, this gateway to inner guidance is often blocked, silenced, or hidden under layers of shame, fear, and mistrust.  With 1/3 of women having experienced sexual abuse at some point in their lives, it makes sense that many of us walk around disconnected from our second chakra, our root of sensuality, sexuality, emotions and feelings.  Even without sexual trauma, the second chakra, which encompasses our low belly, low back, and hip area can be negatively affected when we suppress our feelings as well as when we take our emotions out on ourselves or others. Taking responsibility for our feelings and emotions clears a path for peace and harmony in our relationships and shifts our self talk and patterns of thinking from self-destructive and critical, to accepting and nurturing.

Walk the Nose The second chakra is an incredible source of strength.  We’ve all seen professional athletes who move their bodies in the most graceful ways, whether playing basketball, dancing, or surfing, their techniques look effortless.  Their acuity comes from consistent connection to the lower belly area known as the pelvic floor or core.  When actions originate from a strong center, the rest of the body moves more harmoniously and effectively.  A balanced second chakra allows us to feel safer in the world as we realize our own inner strength and trust our intuitive inner guidance.  When this connection is strong, we know we can gracefully handle whatever life brings our way.

Gut InstinctsMackensie Grant and I recently facilitated a women’s wellness workshop on balancing the second chakra. We spent 3 hours deepening connection to our emotional, intuitive core through yoga, guided mediations, writing exercises, aromatherapy, and self-massage techniques all geared toward the hips, pelvic floor, and female reproductive organs.  We explored the physical and emotional anatomy of this mysterious power center, and tuned in to listen to the creative wisdom of the fiery female organ, the uterus.  We’ll offer this workshop again in the next few months as part of our women’s wellness series, so stay tuned for dates to be announced in my next newsletter in mid-January.

On Saturday January 21 we are launching our 2012 Women’s Wellness Workshop Series with Grounding the First Chakra focused on the Feet, Legs, and Tailbone with self-massage, yoga, guided meditation, and exercises in writing from the root.   I’m sure it will be a profound experience!

$45 for one workshop or $160 for the series.  Register now to reserve your spot!